Trini Carnival 2010

The Mighty SparrowDespite persistent recent rumors about his death, Slinger Francisco – more popularly known as THE MIGHTY SPARROW, the undisputed Calypso King of the World – is still alive, but not in the best of health. The living icon underwent emergency surgery on Sunday (July 25), after collapsing at a concert in Maryland, USA the previous day. The 75 year old Sparrow had to be rushed by ambulance to Montgomery General Hospital in Maryland, where he underwent emergency surgery. The surgery came a mere week after a frail-looking, wheelchair bound Sparrow appeared at NAPA Fest in T&T, where he was barely able to perform, and did so from a chair which was placed in the centre of the stage before the stage lights went on.

According to reports, Sparrow (who lives in New York), is suffering from diabetes, which is taking a severe toll on his body. According to Sparrow’s wife, simply walking has been causing Sparrow severe pain over the past month, and doctors in the US have been unable to pinpoint the cause. She reportedly said that she was hoping that the results of tests he had taken recently would shed some light on the precise nature of the affliction soon.

A medical report that was prepared by a doctor who was at hand to assist Sparrow at the Maryland concert on Saturday, stated that he had suffered an acute attack of the right groin while performing at the venue. He was administered emergency care and was stabilised, before being rushed to hospital, where emergency surgery was performed the following day for an incarcerated right inguinal hernia. Sparrow was released from hospital and is reportedly recuperating at a private home in Silver Springs, Maryland.

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